[darkroom] First batch of colour chemistry ordered! (and tea-based caffenol success)

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Wed Feb 4 13:30:36 EST 2015

I've ordered a 1L kit of E6 (colour slide film) chemistry and a 5L kit of
C41 (colour negative film) chemistry from Beau Photo, they should be here
early next week. Once we get some practice with this, I'll order some RA4
(colour negative paper) chemistry so we can do colour prints! \o/
I ordered less E6 because it doesn't have a long shelf-life and I'm not
sure who other than me shoots E6. C41 seems likely to get more use. If
things go well and we do end up using more E6 than I expect, we can always
order a 5L kit next time :)
Also, last night we tried a new variation of the caffenol process we used
a few weeks ago, in an attempt to get similar results with the lab
smelling less bad. It worked quite well! The prints hanging up in the
darkroom right now (other than the leftmost one) were all done in the
green tea caffenol, and it definitely doesn't smell as bad. I've been
making notes on the caffenol sheet hanging up behind the door on what
we've been using.

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