[darkroom] First batch of colour chemistry ordered! (and tea-based caffenol success)

Ahron Train superatrain at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 17:31:56 EST 2015

Woo, awesome! I've got some random C41 rolls lying around.

Was there any observable difference between tea and coffee?

A Train

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 5:26 PM, Daria Juniper <daria at dangershy.ca> wrote:

> Yey!  I'll have to get some C41 film meow...  Thanks you Sensens!
> And for the list:
> Tea offers better contrast than Ilford devs and the tea variant does not
> have a 1/4 of the pungent smell that the coffee did.  If you make it
> though, mix 10 bags into 1L of 22C water, let steep with moderate agitation
> for at least 15 minutes, then mix in 3x the specified amount of sodium
> carbonate and vitamin c.
> 120 second dev time for paper.  Have not tried Caffinol-C with film yet,
> that's to come.
> On Feb-04-2015 13:30, sen wrote:
>> I've ordered a 1L kit of E6 (colour slide film) chemistry and a 5L kit of
>> C41 (colour negative film) chemistry from Beau Photo, they should be here
>> early next week. Once we get some practice with this, I'll order some RA4
>> (colour negative paper) chemistry so we can do colour prints! \o/
>> I ordered less E6 because it doesn't have a long shelf-life and I'm not
>> sure who other than me shoots E6. C41 seems likely to get more use. If
>> things go well and we do end up using more E6 than I expect, we can always
>> order a 5L kit next time :)
>> Also, last night we tried a new variation of the caffenol process we used
>> a few weeks ago, in an attempt to get similar results with the lab
>> smelling less bad. It worked quite well! The prints hanging up in the
>> darkroom right now (other than the leftmost one) were all done in the
>> green tea caffenol, and it definitely doesn't smell as bad. I've been
>> making notes on the caffenol sheet hanging up behind the door on what
>> we've been using.
>>   -sen
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