[darkroom] Automated talking darkroom timer

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Mon Jul 4 20:37:57 EDT 2016

Hi lab darkroom people! You may have noticed that a panel with buttons 
on it appeared below the sink a couple months ago, as well as a 
Raspberry Pi with LCD plate above the sink. This is part of the 
automated talking timer system, which is now ready for general use!

It understands all the various steps of any given process, and will step 
through them reading out each one as it goes. Full instructions can be 
found at https://knowledge.hacklab.to/wiki/Darkroom/Timer, and a writeup 
on it is up on the Hacklab blog at 

I've been using it exclusively for a couple months now without any 
problems, but obviously as with all new technology use it at your own 
risk if you have some irreplaceable photos you're developing :)

Let me know if you have any trouble with this or any questions about it.

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