[darkroom] Darkroom, yey

Daria Juniper daria at dangershy.ca
Thu Oct 27 11:07:34 EDT 2016

Okie ... I sealed up the hole in the wall in the darkroom, put some ugly
foam loom and expanding foam in until I can source a proper lightproof
bulkhead for the cabling.  Tried to find one but couldn't at the usual

The darkroom is now acceptably dark with the exception of the ethernet
LEDs on the film dev scanner timer thingy.  I plan to put a curtain of
sorts behind the closet doors to provide an extra layer of light
safeness so that the equipment doesn't need to have every status light
taped over, but at this point it's not causing impacting light pollution.

I've also made lots of room in the unit 6 closet and moved sen's extra
kit over to that closet so the darkroom is pretty much back to it's
glory right now and ready to use.


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