[Jobs] LifeBand - Wearable Vitals Monitor

Yogi yogi at jorikiinc.com
Wed Oct 22 14:51:30 EDT 2014

LifeBand is a wearable wrist health monitor.

Functions include Heart Rate, ECG, Oxygen Content and Static Blood Pressure.

Includes location, help button, accelerometer.



1 X Android APP Developer

1X iOS APP Developer


2 Full Time Positions


Experience in Adobe Air and phone application development.

Screen set up, Bluetooth connectivity (BLE) on various new Smart Phones.

Able to run algorithms, program Back End Cloud Architecture - hosted by
third party.


Application is 85% completed, now in Beta testing and protocol testing.

UI / UX final steps.


Annual Salary:

Starting $65 K



Please email or contact me directly.


Thanks you.


Yogi Sennik



3431 McNicoll Ave.

Toronto, ONT.

M1V -  2V3

Tel :  416-754-2747

Fax:  416-754-7905

 <mailto:yogi at jorikiinc.com> yogi at jorikiinc.com


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