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Trevor McKee trevordmckee at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 23:09:33 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Please feel free to share this announcement among anyone who may be
interested with the appropriate background.  Requires a mix of knowledge of
quantitative analysis and some background in basic cellular biology, mostly
we need someone reliable who can help us keep up with client requests and
grow our customer base. Please forward anyone who may be interested to
myself, trevordmckee at gmail.com  Still working on getting an official job
posting up, but I figured I would circulate to this list if there were any
takers. Thanks.


The STTARR Image Analysis Core (http://www.sttarr.com/core4) is looking to
hire a technician for histology quantification and analysis.

The position will involve working on a custom image analysis application to
identify and separate regions of tumor from normal tissue, and perform
automated cell counting and quantitative analysis on multiple tissue
sections stained using standard immunohistochemistry techniques.  The
technician will be expected to have a basic understanding of histological
anaylsis, in order to discriminate different tissues by eye and guide the
machine towards identifying appropriate regions.  The technician will work
directly with clients to identify which regions are of interest, then
perform the analysis, and provide the results of the quantification back to
the clients in spreadsheet format.  The ideal candidate will have a good
basic knowledge of cellular biology and histology, and some computer
experience, particularly with image editing programs such as Adobe
Photoshop and Illustrator, and also knowledge of how to build and work with
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  The ideal candidate would also possess good
communication skills, and be able to adapt their work to the needs of
prospective clients from a variety of backgrounds, in a professional and
prompt manner.  Abilities to work quickly and efficiently, and maintain
high standards of quality of work, and handle multiple projects
simultaneously, is highly desired.


The primary responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

   - Maintain communication with multiple clients, serving their image
   analysis needs
   - Setting up and running image analysis solutions customized to
   particular demands
   - Compiling results in spreadsheet format and providing spreadsheets and
   associated image screenshots to client
   - Multitasking ability, to handle multiple clients and maintain good
   working relationships


   - Background in Cell and Molecular Biology, and knowledge of histology
   - Computer experience, particularly with image editing programs, and
   spreadsheets / MS Excel
   - Excellent communication and organizational skills
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