[Jobs] Web RSVP mini site - design, server, domain name

Alan Majer alanmajer at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 21 14:40:56 EDT 2017

Short term project opportunity if someone with immediate availability to do a web solution for a custom invite/registration site within the next two weeks. Need design skills, but also server/html expertise for admin/login, automated reminders, and search/sort of registrants.

Here's the details for anyone who might be interested.....  Let me know and I'll put you in touch.

It's an invite/registration webpage for two car dealer events (Toronto and Montreal), plus need an admin page to view and sort the people who have registered. Likely 4-6 pages in total (but two version of each page, one in french one in english). And it will need to go LIVE within two weeks.

The website will also need to send email reminders and thank yous to people who attend or register the event. There is an invite that could serve as a template design for other emails sent by the site (ideal if can use an email service like SendGRID, but open to suggestions).

List of pages will probably include:
1) Page describing toronto event
2) Page describing montreal event
3) Registration form page (name, email, and registration code from invite)
4) Admin login page
5) Admin view/sort registrants page
6) ...may want a 6th page which is the main/home page with big links to the Toronto and Montreal events.

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