[darkroom] Darkroom update

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Mon Nov 24 23:45:02 EST 2014

We were running low on diluted stop today, and the stop was way past its 7
day shelf life, so I disposed of the old stop and mixed up 600mL of fresh.
I put a new post-it up. Is 7 days really accurate for this? It seems way
too short given the only requirement for it is "it's acidic".
We were also low on diluted film fix, so I topped it up to 650mL with an
extra 100mL of mixed up fix. I processed one roll of 120 using the topped
up fix and new stop, and it's all working fine.
Now we're also low on TMAX developer, I'm going to run by Downtown Camera
on my way to the lab tomorrow and get some more. I'm ordering some E6
(colour slide) chemistry online too, since you can't get it locally and E6
is next on my list to start trying, since it's what I shoot most often.
I'll likely order a bit of C41 chemistry (colour print film) at the same
time, since I have to ship stuff anyways and it seems like something we'll
want to do at the lab :)
Daria also donated (or long-term loaned, not sure which) a bunch more
equipment this evening, so we now have a really nice actually-light-tight
invertable tank that does 2x35mm or 1x120, a blue-fluid thermometer (since
our existing ones have red fluid in them, which disappears under
safelight), and some other misc. good things to have.
Yay operating darkroom! Developed 2 rolls of 120 tonight, plan is to do
another one or two tomorrow and do some contact printing.

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