[darkroom] Gretag D3 Transmission Densitometer

Michael Kaulbach geniibuntu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 17:17:00 EST 2014

One of the tenants here is an art prof at OCAD, he is getting rid of
some stuff and thought perhaps someone there might be interested in

The sheet with it reads:
"Gretag D3 Color The Transmission Densitometer that needs no
warming-up. An instrument for density measurements of transparent

The other side:
"For years now transmission densitometers have been used in the
chemigraphic industry, in the photo lithography, and in the modern
photographic processing plant, where more and more stringent quality
standards make these instruments a must. GRETAG, with it's two
reflection densitometers GRETAG D! Portable and GRETAG D12 Recorder,
has developed not only the smallest but also thefirst "writing
densitometer". So there must have been very good reasons for
constructing a transmission densitometer of it's own too.

Reason 1: The new GRETAG D3 transmission densitometer, an instrument
for measuring densities of transparent artwork in color or black and
white, has been built on the same principle that has made the GRETAG
D1 internationally known for it's measuring stability. The GRETAG D3
gives the same precise measuring data ( reproducibility +/- 0.02 D).

Reason 2: The fully transistorized GRETAG D3 connects up to electric
mains, because these measurements are taken in a stationary position.
In contrast to instruments presently on the market, no warming-up time
is necessary. The instrument can be used instantly, anytime and

Reason 3: Even after long periods of use the illuminated and
waterproof measuring stage does not get warm. Damage to slides or even
wet films is impossible, because the measuring arm is spring balanced
and touches the surface to be measured with a gentle but uniform

Reason 4: Voltage fluctuations do not affect results, thanks to the
compensation principle employed, so no mains-voltage stabilizer is
needed. Zero setting and calibration remain stable even after long
periods of use. They can be adjusted separately for each of the 4

Reason 5: Operation and handling of the knobs (yellow, magenta, and
cyan measurement) are simple. The thin measuring arm has a reach of
about 11 inches, allowing the whole pattern to be surveyed at a
glance. The novel scale ( a further advantage) literally glows,
showing the values in large, easy to read figures. In addition the
diameter of the measured area can be enlarged from 0.039 to 0.12
inches ( 1 to 3 mm) simply with a flick.

Reasons enough - we believe - to ask for a demonstration of the new
GRETAG D3 color transmission densitometers.

GRETAG Limited, Althardstrasse 70, CH-8105 Regensdorf/Zurich,
Switzerland, Telephone: 051/71 1771, Telex: 53950, Cable Address:

Here is a picture of the machine:

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