[darkroom] More developer obtained

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Wed Nov 26 10:26:32 EST 2014

I grabbed another bottle of TMAX developer last night, and have almost
finished off the old bottle as of last night.
I grabbed some packets of XTOL developer powder as well (which is what I
grew up using), which I'll mix up next time I have some B&W to experiment
with. I'm planning to reuse the XTOL once mixed, as you can do so for 15
120 or 135-36 rolls per litre before discarding it. I'll mark the bottles
once I do so and put a stickie up for how many uses it's had. We should in
theory get 75 rolls out of a $12 5L mix pack of it!
Downtown Camera has a really good selection of B&W chemistry, paper, and
film by the way. Much better than they did 15-20y ago even, probably
because they're the only ones doing it now.

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