[darkroom] Drying 35mm

Daria Juniper daria at dangershy.ca
Sun Feb 8 18:57:22 EST 2015


Use the "FLO" labeled fluid with the chems.. It's Kodak PhotoFlo, so 
after a 4 min rinse, dump your film into the PhotoFlo for 2-4 min or so 
... then take it out and hang it, while doing that quickly wet the 
squeegee with PhotoFlo...you want to only ever have the film/squeegee 
come into contact with Flo after this point.

Squeegee per usual method, and then watch as your film magically dries 
super quick without spotting.


On Feb-08-2015 18:53, Brendan Seabrook wrote:
> Hi all,
> My last roll of 35 dried OK except for residue about 1-2mm around each
> sprocket hole (just creeping into frame). I suspect that when I squeegee
> the roll down the moisture is getting trapped in each hole. I have not
> been using the photo-flow as I found it didn't make that much of a
> difference.
> Some old forum posts suggest using a sponge but other replies say that
> may result in scratching.
> Anyone have any pointers?
> Thanks
> Brendan
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