[darkroom] E6/C41 chemistry in!

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Tue Feb 10 13:59:35 EST 2015

I now have the E6 and C41 chemistry that we ordered! It's at work, I'll
bring it to the lab next time I'm headed that way with free capacity in my
backpack. Please don't dig into it until I get a few more things
organized, though :)
We have 1L of E6 (~12 rolls) and 5L of C41 (~60 rolls) so it should last
us for awhile. E6 stuff doesn't last as long, so I ordered less of it, but
if we end up going through a lot of it it's way cheaper to get the 5L
$102.35 for the E6 kit, $114.72 for the C41 kit, $25 shipping on it. If
you use significant amounts of it once we're up and running I'd appreciate
helping out with the cost, since this is significantly more expensive than
B&W chemistry is (especially on the E6 side).
Will let people know when this is ready to go!

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