[darkroom] Darkroom Update (organization, colour work, washing)

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Sun Feb 15 20:57:45 EST 2015

There's been some reorganization of the darkroom shelving, Daria put up
some hooks to hang smaller things on and we put up a paper towel holder,
which freed up more chemical space on the shelving. Each type of chemistry
has its own "row" now, one each for E6, C41, B&W film, B&W paper, and
other stuff. Please keep chemistry where it belongs!
We also got the first colour work done in our darkroom yesterday, two
rolls of C41 (Portra 800, colour negative) developed successfully. I'm
still working on scanning it (we can't do prints yet as we don't have RA-4
chemistry) but so far it's looking promising (see
http://sen.cx/dropbox/steamtest00.jpg for the first test scan). If you're
using this, please be extremely careful never to get even a drop of blix
in the CD, as it will ruin it, and please be extra careful to track chem
use on the whiteboard with colour stuff. Preferably bug me first if you've
never done C41 before :) Plan for tomorrow is to try some E6 (colour
There's a new film washer at the lab, since I've had issues with purple
casts on Tri-X from not washing long enough and I wanted to solve that
issue. Instructions for it are at
https://knowledge.hacklab.to/wiki/Darkroom/Film_Washer and it seems to
work pretty well. I also got sick of looking up manuals/user guides for
various chems and equipment in the darkroom, so I made a list of stuff on
https://knowledge.hacklab.to/wiki/Darkroom_Equipment and links to all the
docs associated with each thing. Feel free to expand/update it.

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