[darkroom] Metal Dev Tanks

Daria Juniper daria at dangershy.ca
Mon Feb 16 18:43:58 EST 2015

The metal dev tanks have been put into the closet and will likely be removed from the darkroom.  There are several issues with the tanks as outlined here:

* Lid leaks light, which have resulted in loss of reels.
* Drain very slowly, often retaining air bubbles.
* Lid has popped off during draining process, ruining reels.
* Difficulty to load, resulting in kinked film and more oils from your fingers being transferred to the film leaving obvious finger prints and such.

While the metal tanks do use less chemicals, the loss of film stock from using them has already more than outweighed their benefit.  For the best results please use the black Arista tanks with the Patterson style reels, they have been proven to be 100% light tight and significantly easier to load so long as the reels are *completely dry* before loading.  On the bottom of the Arista tanks there is a guide to how much chemical you need to mix for what you’re developing.

If you insist on using them you’re of welcome to have them, but please let me know before I trash the ones I brought in.


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