[darkroom] B&W fixer exhausted, E6 success

sen hacklab at sen.cx
Mon Feb 16 23:33:14 EST 2015

The B&W film fix that's currently mixed up is exhausted, it took Brendan
and myself 2-3x more fixing time than it should to fix our film this
evening. I'll move it to a storage container next time I'm at the lab and
mix up some fresh stuff.
We did the first E6 development at the lab this evening (a roll of Provia
100), it went well! I'll write up the process on the wiki tomorrow. Colour
looks quite accurate so far, but the film was still drying when I left, so
it's hard to tell 100%. Definitely no major issues at any rate.
My time is booked up until mid-next-week at this point, but would people
be interested in doing a colour film developing howto
evening/mini-workshop-type-thing on Feb 26? I could go over both C41 and
E6 (and you can film it if you want, Andrew). Let me know if you're

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