[darkroom] B&W fixer exhausted, E6 success

Andrew Kilpatrick ak at andrewkilpatrick.org
Mon Feb 16 23:35:04 EST 2015

Yeah, that would be great to learn! You can use a few of my 35mm rolls 
to try if you want, and I would love to record the process! We 
definitely will get some interest from it. :)


On 15-02-16 11:33 PM, sen wrote:
> The B&W film fix that's currently mixed up is exhausted, it took Brendan
> and myself 2-3x more fixing time than it should to fix our film this
> evening. I'll move it to a storage container next time I'm at the lab and
> mix up some fresh stuff.
> We did the first E6 development at the lab this evening (a roll of Provia
> 100), it went well! I'll write up the process on the wiki tomorrow. Colour
> looks quite accurate so far, but the film was still drying when I left, so
> it's hard to tell 100%. Definitely no major issues at any rate.
> My time is booked up until mid-next-week at this point, but would people
> be interested in doing a colour film developing howto
> evening/mini-workshop-type-thing on Feb 26? I could go over both C41 and
> E6 (and you can film it if you want, Andrew). Let me know if you're
> interested.
>   -sen
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