[darkroom] Tracking down chem storage bottles.

Brendan Seabrook brendanseabrook at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 13:34:39 EST 2015

So I took lunch to grab some more bottles for storing the photo chems.

Aden: None. Don't sell.
Downtown: None. Backordered. Have been for over a month.
Henry's: None. Backordered. Have been for over a month.

So it looks like either there is a genuine large backorder or the
supplier/distributor no longer carries them. Unless anyone knows of
somewhere else in town, I'm just going to buy them online.

>From what I can tell we could probably do with ~6 accordion bottles and ~6
rigid indicator bottles. Is this about right? Does anyone have any
suggestions as to where to buy or know where the last lot came from? (I
will be ordering later tonight so let me know soon).

We also need somewhere to store mixed xtol and d76. From the sheets they
last 6 months in a no air container and 2 months in a 50% air container.
Given both make 2 litres I think we could probably get away with 2x 1-litre
bottles at they are both normally used at stock or 1:1 (so ~3-8 rolls a

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