[darkroom] Small things.

Daria Juniper daria at dangershy.ca
Sat Feb 21 14:40:37 EST 2015


We can get LOTS more than 22 rolls out of it, more like 50-80.  But when 
it goes, it goes quickly.  So we should be mindful of that.  As for the 
stop, it's indicator type to do a check with a cylinder to ensure it's 
yellow .. if it's purple or anything but orange to light yellow, then 
it's no good.  But the stop should have a very long life.

I believe the fix for film is 1+4 but please double check, and if it's 
getting low please let us know so one of us can buy another bottle.  I 
was going to hit downtown camera this month and grab some more t-max and 

Thanks for mixing it up, please mark it on the whiteboard and also 
thanks muchly for the 35mm archival sheets.  I have a bunch of 6x7 that
I'm going to bring in.

Also, there is now 5x7 paper available for printing.


On Feb-21-2015 14:04, Brendan Seabrook wrote:
> Hey all,
> Mixing up some B&W fixer now. I assume we have been using use the Ilford
> Rapid in its film dilution (1+4w). Are we happy with this fixer? I'm
> going to suggest we limit it to 22-23 rolls this time as it ran out of
> legs last time.
> Also, I have put a stack of 35mm archive sheets in the darkroom. Please
> help yourself.
> Brendan
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