[darkroom] C41 Drying

Daria Juniper daria at dangershy.ca
Sat Feb 28 17:15:42 EST 2015

We have had issues with E6 doing the same and drying in a very curled 
state.  We need to construct a heated, moist drying box to prevent this.

Color film is exceptionally picky during the drying process apparently.

Gratz on your first C-41!


On Feb-28-2015 17:12, Brendan Seabrook wrote:
> Hi all,
> Tried C-41 for the first time. Looks to be all good.
> Only problem I had was the flim reverse buckled (emulsion side out), The
> manual indicates this is because drying was not warm enough. Given it
> was dried at room temp this rings true. Anyone else have this problem?
> I might look into what would be the minimum viable drying setup.
> Brendan
> PS. I dev'ed 2 rolls of 135x26 (short rolls). Not sure if that counts as
> 1 or 2 rolls so I marked 2.
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