[darkroom] Tracking down chem storage bottles.

Brendan Seabrook brendanseabrook at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 15:33:51 EST 2015

2x1L for Xtol, 2x1L for D76, 2x1L for Dektol another for more fixer. Given
the colour enlarger and the ability to do C41 I assume people will want to
do some RA-4 colour paper which will need 2 bottles. The rest would be for
things we want to try but don't know about yet (the known unknown) such as
Acufine or Foma R100 (B&W slide). I would rather order a couple extra than
be a few short but I also understand space is a premium so I'm flexible.

The accordions only go down to about 1/2 size. If we use 2x1L bottles
rather than 1x2L then the second bottle might stay a bit "fresher", but I
can get the 2L accordions if they will work better for other things.

Alternatively I could get some of these:
But at 7+ litre they seem a bit big. Can't seem to find any smaller.


On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 2:21 PM, sen <hacklab at sen.cx> wrote:

> We ordered the existing accordion bottles (and film washer and random
> other stuff) from Freestyle Photo, freestylephoto.biz (despite the URL
> they're legit).
> I don't know anywhere local, which is why I gave up and ordered them. 12
> more bottles seems overkill to me, where did 6+6 come from? I could see us
> needing one for Xtol, one for D-76, one for Dektol, what else?
> I want to grab some larger trays and larger bottles to be able to do
> larger prints, but I'll be doing that in a month or two since I can't
> justify the cost right now.
>  -sen
> On Wed, February 18, 2015 13:34, Brendan Seabrook wrote:
> > So I took lunch to grab some more bottles for storing the photo chems.
> >
> >
> > Aden: None. Don't sell.
> > Downtown: None. Backordered. Have been for over a month.
> > Henry's: None. Backordered. Have been for over a month.
> >
> >
> > So it looks like either there is a genuine large backorder or the
> > supplier/distributor no longer carries them. Unless anyone knows of
> > somewhere else in town, I'm just going to buy them online.
> >
> > From what I can tell we could probably do with ~6 accordion bottles and
> > ~6
> > rigid indicator bottles. Is this about right? Does anyone have any
> > suggestions as to where to buy or know where the last lot came from? (I
> > will be ordering later tonight so let me know soon).
> >
> > We also need somewhere to store mixed xtol and d76. From the sheets they
> > last 6 months in a no air container and 2 months in a 50% air container.
> > Given both make 2 litres I think we could probably get away with 2x
> > 1-litre
> > bottles at they are both normally used at stock or 1:1 (so ~3-8 rolls a
> > bottle).
> >
> > Thanks
> > Brendan
> >
> >
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